Every time some content is uploaded to a web hosting account or downloaded from it, web site traffic is generated and this is a component that each and every hosting plan includes. It's moreover one of the attributes you have to check, as how much website traffic allowance you will need will depend on the things you need the account for. The traffic is primarily produced by downloads which includes web site visits. In simple terms, each time someone opens your site, the web pages are downloaded from the server on their computer system and they're then shown by their internet browser. It's also important to be aware that uploads are considered as well, hence when you transfer large files from your computer to the server, some site traffic will be generated too. Different providers sometimes have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet they all refer to the very same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing data created for a given period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Web Hosting
All our Linux web hosting were created with the concept to handle the website traffic made by any type of website that can run in such an account. If you currently have one or a number of small or medium-sized websites, you'll not be limited by the monthly traffic quota whatever the content you may have - plain text and / or plenty of images, for example. The statistics inside your hosting Control Panel gives you in-depth information about the website traffic produced by each and every web site as well as the amount for your account in general. The statistics are updated live and display both the day-to-day and the monthly usage, therefore you'll know how much data is transferred to and from the web hosting account anytime. The very first day of each month your counter is reset, but you will be able to see the site traffic stats for the past months, that will show you how your sites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
The monthly web site traffic feature of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting plans is limitless, or as many companies describe it, unmetered. Certainly, we keep track of the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each and every account, still we won't ever set any restriction, so your web sites can grow and receive more site visitors. We provide you with in-depth info what is going on in the account so as to allow you to manage your sites more efficiently and to be informed on how they function. You are able to observe the traffic produced by every single site along with the most downloaded web page or file. The results are monthly, daily and hourly. In the continually evolving internet world, it is possible to get very many new site visitors with just a single marketing campaign, so by providing a really unlimited package, we will ensure that you won't lose clients just because your account cannot handle the site traffic.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers
The monthly traffic quota for our VPS hosting plans is proportionate to the other server’s resources. When you buy a more powerful server, it's likely that you'll operate a very popular website or even multiple websites, hence you'll have a lot more site visitors. That is why, the greater plan you obtain, the greater monthly website traffic quota you will get. We'll contact you whenever you reach 90% of the amount, in order for you to have sufficient time to take some action and either improve your plan or optimize your websites and lessen the site traffic that they generate until the counter resets the next month. If you choose to update, you can do so from the billing Control Panel and with only a few clicks. In addition, you'll be able to monitor what amount of traffic your server has already made and what amount is left until you get to your monthly restriction. This data is available in the VPS administration panel where you'll also be able to restart your server and view the application of all other system resources for instance hard disk storage, CPU load and physical memory usage.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
The monthly traffic quota that is featured with our dedicated server plans is more than enough for any type of site regardless of its type. Your web applications can generate terabytes of site traffic, which ensures that all of your site visitors will never notice any kind of error message on your site because of limited quota like it can happen with many other types of web hosting. Also, we leave the possibility to upgrade your site traffic amount open, yet it's highly unlikely that you will ever need it even if you would like to run a file sharing web site or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel offers you precise live info what amount of data has been transferred for the month to date, and how much is left before you get to the restriction. We will also contact you any time you reach 90% of the quota in order to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your websites. The info in the panel includes the entire traffic, including software downloads, therefore it's more accurate than the one in your website hosting Control Panel where you will be able to view details only about the traffic generated by online content.